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 ⚠ This bot is now broken due to updates and changes to the API. These issues might be fixed in the soonish future.

Scratch Bot

An AI designed to take less risks and have the highest possible odds of survival.


  1. Step 1.The first step to installing the Scratch Bot is to get a userscript manager. If you're using Firefox, Greasemonkey is a great option. If you're on Google Chrome, use Tampermonkey. There is also a version of Tampermonkey for Opera. These userscript managers are what allow you to install the script.
  2. Step 2.The second step requires installing two userscripts. Follow the links below and click "allow", "confirm", or a similar option to add the bot scripts to your userscript manager. The links are here and here.
  3. Step 3.Now all that's left to do is to head over to and let the bot run! Simply visit the website and your game should start automatically. If the regular menu pops up and the game does not start, something went wrong.

    (Optional: If you'd like to change the settings at any time, just press the esc key on your keyboard.)

About is a game in which users control and attempt to enlarge a cell by swallowing pellets of food as well as other players' cells. This bot is a fork of another bot and aims to be more customisable and effective at getting on the leader-board, designed to take less risks and have the highest possible odds of survival. It is managed and maintained by members of the Scratch community.


The Scratch Bot is made by the Scratch community. If you are a Scratcher who would like to help contribute, click the ribbon in the top right and create a branch of the repo. Once you've commited a few helpful changes, create a pull request and Firedrake969 will review what you've done. If your change is accepted, you will be added to the Scratch Agario Bots Community.